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Welcome to the Malzmühle! (Malt Mill)

The “Brauerei zur Malzmühle” opened over 150 years ago and remains a genuine family brewery, managed today by the fifth generation of the Schwartz family. The second oldest brewery in Cologne is one of the few that still produces at its place of origin – at the center of the old town at the Hay Market (Heumarkt), at the very heart of the cathedral city.

The legendary Koch’sche Malzbier (malt beer) is still brewed exactly as it was in 1858, when it made the brewery the most beloved meeting point for the residents of Cologne.
The best-known beer produced by the Malzmühle, of course, is the Mühlen Kölsch – a character Kölsch that is brewed and filled in the original building of the “Brauerei zur Malzmühle” at the Hay Market, where handcraft is still being used according to the old brewing tradition and the German Purity Law of 1516. The combination of ingredients and production that uses an old family recipe dating to 1858 imparts the typical, characteristically robust, malty, full-flavored taste to our Mühlen Kölsch.
We rang-in a new era when we opened the Hotel zur Malzmühle, the HOEHNER Stall, and the MühlenBar:

“The Malzmühle – the genuine Cologne lifestyle – all under one roof!”
We look forward to your visit!


The Brewery

Robust malt and the finest, natural hops,processed by hand.
Kräftiges Malz und feinster Naturhopfen, von Hand verarbeitet.
The traditional brewing facilities at the Hay Market are the heart
of the Brewery zur Malzmühle

The brewery house

Traditional brewery house atmosphere,
Hearty brewery house food with many specialities typical of Cologne
and always with freshly-tapped Mühlenkölsch.
Experience the charm of Cologne hospitality.

The HÖHNER Stall

Our HÖHNER Stall is the new top-gastronomy location in Cologne:

Serving you as a restaurant that features culinary highlights 
and available for your private and business-related events. 

The Hotel

Best location! Our Hotel zur Malzmühle can be found at the center of Cologne’s old town.  

An authentic brewery hotel with the latest amenities  
and a sensational view of the cathedral,
the Great St. Martin Church and the Hay Market 

The MühlenBar

Whether you choose craft beer, cocktails or Mühlen Kölsch,
our relaxed MühlenBar invites you to join us for a drink after work.

Exciting, stylish bar-ambience awaits you here.

The Pulheim Rathaus

Experience the genuine Malzmühle atmosphere in arguably the most distinctive building in 
the city, the historic Rathaus that dates back to 1927. 

A brewery house with floors for separate events and
an expansive outdoor eating area.


Bier bewusst genießen!

Die Brauerei zur Malzmühle setzt sich für einen verantwortungsvollen Umgang mit alkoholischen Getränken ein. Daher richtet sich die Internetseite der Brauerei zur Malzmühle Schwartz GmbH & Co.KG nur an Personen über 18 Jahren.