Brewery tour through the "BRAUWELT KÖLN"

Under the new name Brauwelt Köln, the Sünner Brewery (1830) and the Brauerei zur Malzmühle (1858), two genuine traditional Cologne companies, are united under one roof on the historic premises in Cologne Kalk.
In addition to Mühlen Kölsch, our other beer specialties are still traditionally brewed by hand in open fermentation, using our own well water, the best malt and the finest hops.

What you can expect

Duration:approx. 60 minutes
Capacity:up to 20 participants, larger groups possible after prior coordination!
Price:€15 / person, bookable from 10 persons
Minimum age:guests 16 and older may participate
  • We offer tours in English.
  • A guided tour of the brewery is only possible in connection with a table reservation in the house.
  • One Kölsch (0,2l) inclusive